Federal Incorporation Services in Canada

All of the documents we prepare for you during federal business incorporation in Ontario will be customized for your business.

Benefits Of Incorporating Provincially Or Federally:

Easier access to capital – Corporations can borrow money at lower rates. They can also raise money by selling shares or bonds to investors (called shareholders).

Lower tax rates – Corporations are taxed separately from their owners. Corporate tax rates are generally lower than personal income tax rates.

Limited liability – Shareholders are not responsible for a corporation’s debts. If your corporation goes bankrupt, your shareholders only lose up to what they invested.

Separate legal entity – Corporations have the same rights as a real person, including owning property, getting loans, and entering into contracts.

Continuous existence – Corporations live on until they wind up, amalgamate, or give up their charter (for example, when they go bankrupt). With other business structures, a business stops existing when the owner dies.

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